Saturday, April 22, 2006

material metamorphosis

I didnt really realize that I had so much to write about fashion and clothing, I kind of surprised myself.

And...I left something out.

I sort of touched on the concept of fashion as mind opener. But I forgot to mention a favorite saying of mine that I developed when shopping with my sister in law, Alise.

You look at a piece of clothing or accessory and you are drawn to it but, it is a little too BLANK for you. It may be too crazy, loud or colorful or big or too funky. So you ask yourself "is this the me that I am, or is this the me that I WANT to be?"

This question serves two purposes: 1) When you realize that the item is the you that you want to be and not the you that you ARE, you may not buy it because it does not fit your lifestyle and you will never wear it. or 2) it is the you that you want to be, so you buy it in hopes of a transformation.

I have found that when you choose option 2, initially the item arrives home from the store and is the ugly duckling in your closet. You avoid it. You try it on in the morning only to chicken out and change right before you walk out the door.

But then that fateful day arrives when your inhibitions are down and you make it out the door with the item on and slowly as the day progresses, you become comfortable in your new skin, you are complemented at work, you catch a glance of your new funky self reflected in a window and you realize that this item is indeed a swan and suddenly... all of your other clothes are mere ducks.

then you guessed it... one step closer to the you you want to be.

CAUTION: there is always a possibility that you will never wear this item and money will have been wasted on your delusion, so dont try this at home unless you think can handle the financial risk, or just save the receipts.

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