Saturday, April 29, 2006

involuntary charm

it is always nice to know someone who doesnt know how great they are. i think that is part of what makes some people charming. people who are just slightly unaware of how great they seem to others.

i think even if you are the type to over-analyze yourself and every little thing you do or say, there is still this small section of you, that you have no control over. facial expressions, hand gestures (to some extent) posture, what you look like from the back, your gait, the sound of your voice, how much of your teeth show when you talk.

i cherish these small events and random imperfections:

a piece of clothing slightly out of place.
a strand of hair falling midsentence.
a smudge on their face.
the shape of the back of their head.
what they say when they didnt hear what was just said "sorry?" "what?" "repeat that?" "excuse me?"
carrying bags and not being aware of the space they take up.
not being aware of the space their body takes up.
how they look when they are asleep.
how their face contorts when they sneeze.

you can never really know the effect your own presence has, because you are never there when you are not there.

and i think charm requires some innocence, that might explain why it is so rare.

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