Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday in the Park with the Dance Skaters

If you have never been to see the Central Park Dance Skaters Association, you must go.

It has the feel and energy of an impromptu gathering worthy of the most soul filled, feel-good late seventies movie you have ever seen. It is located mid-park at the foot of the bandshell area, can enter the park at 72nd st.

The mixture of people is fantastic. old, young, white, brown, tan, pink, black, men, women, homeless, not-homeless, in style, out of style, so out of style they are in style. What I find mesmerizing to watch are the relationships that form while skating, it is obvious that not everyone knows each other well, but an unspoken camaraderie washes over the skaters as the disco tunes roll. A very in-shape young shirtless black man will be pirouetting the afternoon away with an old white woman in spandex and they are quite simply...having an absolute blast. Going around in circles, bopping as they roll.

New York at its finest.

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maybe I will edit this post later, these words have only dusted the surface of dance skaters charisma.

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