Monday, May 1, 2006

mystery science theatre 2006

I had an epiphany today.

Often, as you may have read, my epiphanies are not totally shocking brand new realizations. They are more often like slowly approaching waves of goosebumps.

Also, I like to think of them like George Gershwin's music: so catchy and familiar you swear that someone must have written it before he had, but they didnt.

Here it is: There is no mystery to people, the collective world has no secret and they have no answer.

I have always had this vague feeling that everyone else must know something that I dont. I have slinked around the world long enough with this delusion secured firmly in a tiny locket around my neck. But as Joe puts it: everyone just wants to be loved. I think that in some way everything can be traced back to this statement. Why people are good, why people are bad, what motivates people to do things in work and in leisure.

I think that once the above statement is truly embraced, it becomes instantly easier to deal with other people.

People just want to be smiled at and responded to and respected.

I also realized that you have to be acutely aware of how your face and words seem to someone else, because they are responding to your response and it creates this crucial and unique feedback loop. Then before you know it you are thinking they dont like you and it is because they are thinking you dont like them because you are thinking they dont like you because they are thinking you dont like get the idea. It can also be a positive and healthy circuit.

Also, no one has it all figured out. And there is most certainly an inverse relationship between acting like you have it figured out and feeling like you do.

I think we are all just like baby sea turtles awkwardly shimmying our way through the sand, which at times is dry and fluffy, then other times is wet and oppressive. we all have the common burning objective of reaching the cool, rough, deep and mysterious sea which is sure to hold more hardships and questions than the sand we know now.

Now please excuse me as I contact the Dali Lama and inform him of the news.


  1. testing testing 1,2,3

  2. I really enjoy your blog Luria. Your writing is as fresh and breezy as a spring day. I look forward to reading more of your musings.