Sunday, May 21, 2006

enjoy the earth

I was in a cab today and the cab driver starting remarking about the sky and how beautiful the clouds were (nevermind that he was not actually looking at the road.)

Then he starting talking about how he used to be a fisherman and worked by the ocean and how he saw men with suits going to important jobs, who knew things he didnt know... but what they didnt know was that they were part of the earth, they knew, but they didnt REALLY know, they didnt consider themselves part of the natural world, but the fisherman and future cab driver did.

Then he stopped talking and we did too, exhausted by the forced deep thoughts and a few minutes later we were dropped off at our destination. As I stepped out of the cab I said, "well enjoy the Earth" and he laughed so so hard and I was so so happy that I had said that.

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