Friday, May 19, 2006

girls only

My feelings about single sex education have been dredged up again in honor of the 10 year highschool reunion.

Firstly, your spouses are not invited to the reunion, that is simply ridiculous. It is an all womens reunion. This I just cant seem to get over. Why shouldnt my fiance have the pleasure of interacting with all the bitches who helped empower me so? Wouldnt he want to thank them for giving me strength and making me into such a successful leader?

Which brings me to my next point: If you are really going to be successful and excel then wouldnt it be the ultimate in excellence if you could be in school with boys and STILL do well. Why must there be this separation which breeds a false sense of confidence. Isn't separation admitting that there is a difference in ability possibly. Like saying "well we would not want you to be in class with people (boys) who are so smart in math and science that they would make you feel bad! instead we will run a mediocre math class, but you will never know that it is mediocre in comparison to what the boys are learning because they are not here to show you up. We will make you think that your mediocrity is excellence, when in reality if the entire population was represented here (like it is in the rest of life), you would realize that you are just average.

Like anything, my personal experience has colored my philosophy, and I may very well be one of those people who would have hated highschool no matter where I was... actually I definitely would be, but I still have to hold onto these points as what I see as valid.

Also, I have thought that maybe a group of boys have a better influence on one another in the context of education, maybe in an all boys school learning is paramount to socializing. But in an all girls school, it is a certifiable gossip ring with no good natured man to puncture the nonsense.

I have also thought that girls miss out on the culture of boys at that age, like their music and comics and interests in computers, this all sounds like it is sexist to admit that boys have different interests, because we are supposed to be equal, but I think it is foolish to think otherwise.

I just think about some dorky good natured boy who I could have been friends with from highschool, who I would never have met through just socializing with boys from an all boys school because we were both shy dorks. I could only have made friends with this boy if he sat behind me in class month after month and we talked about chemistry together. There are so many potential fun, wholesome experiences that can happen in school that would have been even more fun and enriching if boys were there I think.

I went to a co-ed grade school and I saw those boys not too long ago and they are the sweetest dorks and we all knew how to say the "Our Father" in Gaelic together, because we learned it together in school.

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  1. seems you are pretty upset about not being able to bring your fiance to the reunion, and the fact you had single sex educ, and "why must there be this separation?"
    One Q: Why didn't you just attend a co-ed school?