Wednesday, May 31, 2006

reconnaissance recollection

the first time i walk into a new place i am always overwhelmed. I have this sensory overload thing that happens to me-i look at surfaces, read posters, absorb the lighting, feel the response of the floor below me and the new space seems to pulse around me. This is probably a nice way of describing anxiety, but lets look at it in a different way for a moment.

This almost crippling feeling of awe and exploration happens in all different kinds of spaces-from looking at a new apartment i might want to live in to if i have decided to go into a different bathroom in the building that i work in.

what i always find funny is how the first time i walk into a place items like books or plants or boxes or faucets seem mysterious and smug. its as if they sense my uneasiness and are turning around to peer at the unbalanced newcomer as they take a moment out of their important day.

But as time goes on and if i end up going to that space every day, i realize that the stairs have nothing to say, the plants have no interest in me at all, the walls just sit there and the water fountain can only give water.

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