Wednesday, May 10, 2006

snow day

I feel sorry for people who grew up in a warm climate and who never experienced the sheer unexpected euphoria of a snow day.

Most times I would wake up with the expectation of going to school and then I would look out the window all bleary eyed and all the pine trees that surrounded my room were laden with bright snow. I had to squint but then my squint dropped into a smile.

Then we sat by the radio in the breakfast room waiting to hear our school called as a closing. Once we heard our school-it is like we were given a precious gift that I almost didnt want to unwrap because the wrapping was so fragile and beautiful.

So we bundled up and trudged outside into the snow with happy hearts and played until we were too hungry or wet or tired and had to go inside and dry off, slopping slush through the house.

Today I decided to make my own snow day, so I am not at work, and while it is not quite as magical as it once was, it is much needed. Maybe I will even make hot chocolate.

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