Monday, May 15, 2006

Simply Stunning

I was on Madison avenue today waiting for the bus and I saw a family walk by who were clearly tourists, their windbreakers gave them away.

Mom and Dad, two daughters and oldest daughter's boyfriend. Boyfriend, who we will call Chip was wearing red shorts, red windbreaker and socks and sneakers and holding a brochure of some kind, maybe from a gallery they had just gone to or something.

Chip said, "these celestial maps are simply stunning" and no one heard him except for me, the rest of the family was busy looking in the window of an antique shop. So when they were finished looking, he said it again "these celestial maps are simply stunning"

Now maybe it is because he said it twice, or maybe it is because he did not look suited to use that word: but I thought, is it possible to use the word "stunning" without it sounding pretentious? but I believe I have heard it used in a context where it gently nods to its pretentious roots, but does not overwhelm. But Chip meant every pretentious molecule of it I think.

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