Friday, May 12, 2006

Time travel

As we talked over dinner, drinking wine and dashing swiftly and enthusiasically from one subject to the next we realized that the underlying theme to all of our conversations was that the one precious commodity that all humans have access to, but can do nothing to preserve is Time.

Then we spoke about religion and how people adhere to traditions that were created over 2000 years ago. I thought of two opposing sides of this issue:

One is that the "code of living" that religions set out for people was created so long ago that it could not possibly be relevant today. Then I thought maybe it is possible that these ideas are timeless and that it is truly a testament to the quality of the rules, that they can still apply today. And what made me feel better about this second idea and to connect with it more, I thought of how a good novel survives time, it is a product of the time that it was created in, but some underlying themes can successfully withstand the future and still live on with profound pertinence.

we only have a small window of about 80 years or so to do something that will carry on. Whatever you want to say about religion or any specific religion I am sure Jesus would be proud that his ideas are still carried on today, just like the carpenter who built the chair in the Hatshepsut exhibit would have been proud to know that he made the Met over 3000 years later, wish I could tell his Mom.

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