Thursday, May 4, 2006

emily post where are you?

What is the use of being polite when people arent polite in return? what is the point of being the "bigger" person? where does it leave you, except for bigger?

what is the use of being so polite that people think this is how you act all of the time, when its not?

i would rot inside if i was polite all of the time.

and do you thank someone twice if they hold the door for you through a series of double doors? and do you say "god bless you" as many times as they may sneeze, even if some allergic fit is going on? and what does that do for either party?


  1. this made me think of amelie.

    she zoned in on the "impolite". And it changed them.

    But I guess that is why there is a movie about her, not many people like this exist.

    I cannot be nice to people who are not nice to me. I am just not that good of a person.

  2. International rules of etiquette do not require a sneeze response after the first sneeze. And did you know that the reason for saying "God Bless You" in response to a sneeze was the superstition that a sneeze had the potential to blow a person's soul/spirit out of their body? Like white wedding gowns, it has a religious origin.