Wednesday, May 31, 2006

E is for Engine, F is for Fool

picture it: Playing the boardgame Scattergories on Christmas day about 13 years ago with my much cooler and smarter-than-me older brothers and cousins.

The letter chosen is E. There are many categories I am given that I have to fill all with a word beginning with the letter E.

The plastic hourglass is flipped.

One category is "part of a car". I write the word ENGINE, naturally.

When it comes time to go around and tell what words we have, where novel answers earn you points, but repeated ones dont. No one says engine.

A cloak of doubt that is made from a thick opaque and scratchy material descends upon me.

I insanely think, if no one said "Engine" then I must be maybe I should not mention it.

I scratched it out with my stubby eraserless pencil and earned no points.

I guess if I am foolish enough NOT to say it, then I dont deserve the points anyway,

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  1. This post has a genuine literary touch, even with a misspelling in the fine sentence beginning "A cloak of doubt...."