Tuesday, April 25, 2006

potential energy

maybe there is no such thing as a person "having potential". it is just something we tell ourselves so we feel better when we are doing nothing.

if you are not doing it, then you are not doing it, how are we to know what potential you have to do it.

you can only say you "had potential" if it was put into action at some point. then in retrospect, you had potential, only then would we know.

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  1. Luria!
    Some fiendish system has put pop-up hot links on key words in your ramblings linking them to commercial advertisements - phrases like "wedding dress" and "graphic design jobs". I believe it will happen in this post - so let's see what happens when I just list things like automobiles, drugs, cell phones and internet providers. This is a despicable intrusion of commerce into the blog process. Way beyond what should be acceptable. Can't you find a site that doesn't do this?