Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Art Imitates Art

It was made of rectangular aluminum beams welded together at the intersections. It created a very three-dimensional dynamic form in its series of rectangular interlocking shapes. It had no beginning and no end. It stood about two feet taller than me. It looked like a sculpture, but I wasnt sure that it was.

It was created for a photo shoot. It was meant to sit in the background of the photo and to mimic a sculpture. But was it really a sculpture then? and more importantly and most confoundingly, was it Art?

The intention of the creator was not that it be something, but only that it look like the kinds of things that are something.

I felt sorry for it in a way, it was the bastard child of art and design together and in the end I am sure no one really cared about it or stood around it talking about what feelings it evoked or what movements it was inspired by. They just moved it into place and then either tossed it out afterward, or maybe someone claimed it attempting to make this Pinocchio of a sculpture into something real.

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