Sunday, April 15, 2007

Take a Bite out of Crime

Before I went to lunch, I checked my pink flowered wallet to see how many measly bills I had in there. It was 3:30pm, I was temporarily hungry and therefore tired and am pretty permanently broke.

I found three 1 dollar bills and one 5. Not bad. But one of the 1 dollar bills looked funny to me. The ink on it was suspiciously light on one side in comparison to the others. I looked at the date, it was from 1988 and the others were much more recent. That must be the reason it looks strange I thought. My next thought was, I need pizza now.

Its $2.50 for a slice of Sicilian. I handed the man behind the counter my three bills. He looked at one of the bills and immediately knitted his sturdy dark brow. Then he looked up and me and with a wide missing teeth smile said, “its fake.”

I fished in my bag immediately for the 5 dollar bill to give to him instead. I was upset but I also thought it was slightly funny that I had only noticed a nebulous strangeness over this piece of paper and then the pizza man called it right away.

After a few seconds of him chuckling and flipping my counterfeit bill over a few times and me getting increasingly disturbed, he handed me my .50 cents change and insisted that it was okay. I hesitated and then took my undeserved quarters and my greasing paper bag and walked out.

So, I perpetuated a crime today and I must say, it tasted kind of good.

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