Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Happy Birthday PD!

This blog turned one year old on Monday April 9th. I am seriously almost getting choked up when I think about it, like its my baby.

I am always amazed when a year has already passed, but I am convinced that in almost all humans our internal yearly clock is off and we always expect a year to be longer than it is.

I am thinking of one of the last scenes in The Royal Tenenbaums when Ben Stiller's stalwart character finally breaks down and tells his father, Royal, who he has a rocky relationship with "its been a tough year Dad."

What I wish for the future of this blog is that I continue to write and it continues to soothe me throughout Graduate school, but that people write more comments and that I stick to it each and every day of the week so no readers drop off like what has been happening lately. Its tough to do it every day, but I never regret it. I have been late to work because of blogging, or late to bed but my ideas always appreciate being given a chance.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Happy Birthday PD! I cant even believe its already been a year since you were born! You are growing so fast. Everyone just adores you! Here is to another year of discoveries, growth and joy!

  2. YAY! Happy Birthday Petri Dish! I have always loved this blog so keep it up!!!

    It takes so much energy to blog consistently and so little energy to just forget about it.

    Thank you for giving us a little insight into who you are inside. It takes a lot of courage.