Tuesday, April 17, 2007

• Thumbtacks • First Installment •

I have decided to introduce a new category of blog post given my limited time and yours, but our mutual desire to get a quick dose of “the dish” each day.

The posts will fall under the heading of • Thumbtacks •, in reference to their worthiness to be tacked to a board and stand as a constant reminder of humor or inspiration. They will be mercifully short and will appear erratically throughout the week. So, like a pop quiz, you wont know when they are coming. But better than a pop quiz in that they will not cause stress or hurt your average, they will be just a tiny fast dose of thought.

This post is already getting too long for a Thumbtack but I want to write a little something more:

• I told Joe that when I walked out of the lecture rooms at the conference I was faced with a room thick with Anthropologists all talking and socializing in seemingly impenetrable groups. Because of my persistent social anxiety I described it as my biggest nightmare, but Joe so brilliantly reminded me that it was also my biggest dream. What, what would I do without him? •


  1. love this thumbtack idea. Looking forward to reading them!

  2. Sounds like a great idea! Can't wait to read more! :)