Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Of Pigeons and Paranoids

I am turning into a suspicous old lady who stays in her house all day and looks out the window and shakes her head at the people outside because they are talking too loud, driving too fast, or just generally not acting like she wants them to. Its a terrible terrible thing that has crept up on me like a pigeon with one deformed or injured foot (I actually saw this today and wanted to work it in some how.)

I think that I was wrong about someone. I didnt like them because I thought they were amazingly self-absorbed and scattered. But then the other day we had a perfectly normal nice conversation and they kept asking me questions about myself in fact and being particularly humble. But after it was over, I wondered if some of her nice remarks were the type of remarks to lead me down a dark alley of her thoughts, have me agree with her only to be beaten and mugged by several laughing professors wearing tweed face masks. I know that science is competitive, so I am watching my back and not letting anyone get too close but this is causing me to spin around in circles and I am getting dizzy.

I am getting way too paranoid lately. Its knocking on the door of abnormalcy and its pounding really hard.

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