Saturday, June 24, 2006

Blot Summary

We have been working on a new process in the lab called Southern Blotting. I am just learning it and it is extremely interesting and fun. There have been some difficulties with the process though, ones that I cannot yet solve at my stage of experience.

For advice, my boss has been calling the tech person from the company that makes the products for this process. The tech person’s name is Gary.

Good old Gary.

The process takes about four days to complete. This entire week seemed like a cornucopia of difficulties, fits and starts and misunderstandings. By Friday we were almost at the stage where we could laugh about it...almost but not totally.

The results on Friday showed that something is still going wrong in the process, but we dont know what.

At about 3 o’clock on Friday my boss gets on the phone and I hear, “Hello, is Gary available please?” I stood at the sink in the lab laughing to myself because all I could think of was that this week had been a sort of sitcom of ridiculousness and when I heard “Hello, is Gary available please?” I was picturing the credits starting to roll, the audience clapping and the theme music beginning.

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