Monday, June 12, 2006

“to go please”

This morning I went to one of those coffee trucks outside of work, in sheer desperation for a fast cup of something, anything, to rid me of my monday morning sluggishness.

Those coffee trucks are like temporary silver beacons offering sub-par alms to a New York that needs a good swift wake-up slap. Its an excellent way to face the raw urban morning with some burnt coffee and a bloated tasteless bagel. And like the gauzy memory of a dream the night before, they dissapear by 11 o'clock.

The man prepared my coffee with milk but no sugar, as requested.

Then he said to me, "to stay or to go?" and I said, "to go please" as I fished around in my cavernous, unorganized bag for exact change not getting his clever joke because of the sleepiness delay.

Then I got it, looked up and smiled and said "Thank You"

I wonder how often he uses that one?

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