Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Musical Accompaniment

When you want to play your own music at work, but dont want to disturb your coworkers, you may find yourself asking those around you if anyone minds if you play your songs.

If no one says they mind, you eagerly fire up the iTunes like you have been wanting to for a few silent fidgety hours.

But then when the room begins to fill up with the beats of your own drum, you may find yourself feeling strange.

Your favorite lyric loses it’s potency and since you can’t comfortably dance or even sway or bop, it just does not sound as good as it does in your relaxing home or exhilarating car.

Because it is not enough to be with people who will tolerate your enduring love of The Talking Heads or The Kinks without reporting you to HR, you have to be with people who you can ENJOY it with.

I guess that is one of the reasons why it is work.

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