Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Mouth of Youth

The bus driver this evening stopped the bus, let people off and on and then stood at the bus stop with the doors open flirting with the women who were still waiting at the stop for a different bus. It was sort of quaint the first time, but then after a few more stops and flirts, it wasnt really cute any more.

The bus driver asked one woman her age, she replied 68! He went on and on about how good she looked as we sat there on the bus wanting to get going and in mometary disbelief of the situation that was taking our $2 and burning it to bits. But it really was amazing that this woman was 68, she looked much younger.

Then the woman sitting in front of me turned around to look at a sign out the window, she commented on it to me and we laughed. She was old and wrinkly, but she had eyes that shined and then I noticed her teeth. They were absolutely perfect, straight and white.

It occurred to me that the 68 year old woman at the previous bus stop had perfect teeth too. Then I thought of my former boss and how his capped teeth in front made him look about 10 years younger. All of these people had capped front teeth!

Then I thought maybe one day when I am old and gray and still riding the bus no doubt, I can have capped teeth too that will make me look younger and survive me by 100 years in the ground and throw off the archaeologists.

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