Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Heart of a Shoe Hunter

Yesterday, I was walking up and down the aisles of the shoe heaven and hell that is DSW in Union Square.

It is organized like a shoe orchard, long rows of ripe inexpensive yet stylish shoes practically drop off the trees into your basket, and into your heart.

As I completed one aisle, realizing that they dont carry my size in the styles that I like- I glanced over to the next aisle, the one I had yet to peruse and each time I did this I felt such optimistic promise in the uncharted territory that lie ahead.

“Oh once I get just beyond the aisle that I am in, which is proving to be fruitless, and go over to that next one that looks so bountiful I will definitely be successful ”, I told myself over and over again.

But once I actually got into the aisle that I imagined would hold the shoe of life, I searched and searched and plucked, squeezed and sniffed... and...nothing.

Foolish unsubstantiated hope propelled me forward in this garden of earthly delights and it also propelled me backward into ground I had already covered. This could go on all night I thought.

But it didn’t, I finally found a pair of shoes, that were nice looking and fit me and I bought them.

hope springs eternal in the heart of the shoe hunter.

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