Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Low Aspirations

When I walk up the stairs in my narrow, old pre-war apartment building to the 4th floor where I live, I often think that it would be nice to live just one more floor lower.

This feeling is amplified when I have laundry or packages to carry. If I were just one floor lower, then I am absolutely positive that things would be worlds easier. Think of the milliseconds I would gain if I didnt have to climb that last flight, I could sleep longer, stay in the shower longer, drink a few more sips of coffee or check my email one last time.

Then I was having a conversation with someone about the floor that they live on, the 3rd, and they told me that they often wish they lived just one floor lower also.

So then I realized that it may not matter what floor you live on, if you have to climb the stairs, you have probably at some point imagined that it is just that last floor that is the killer.

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