Thursday, June 15, 2006

kindred spirit illusion

You know when their are two people who you know separately and you are sure they will hit it off as soon as they meet each other.

But when they actually meet you want them to cut through all of the small talk because it will just slow everything down.

You want them to get right to the talk about the things you have already figured out that they have in common. Like how they are both vaguely dissatisfied with life and searching for something better, but dont know where to find it, and how they both secretly eat the watermelon right down to the white part before the green rind and how they both wrap gifts in newspaper.

But knowing both of them, you know they will never talk about these kinds of things with anyone they just meet.

Or sometimes maybe when they actually do meet-you realize that you were all wrong. Like an optical illusion when two lines are separated by enough space so you estimate that they are the same length, but when you actually bring them together they are very different.

and sometimes the only connection they really have is you making connections between them.

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