Monday, July 3, 2006

3/4ths of an Inch Worm

Yesterday we sat under a tree in the park, it was very hot out and the tree’s roots seemed to be determined to make me gently uncomfortable no matter how I shifted.

We noticed a tiny inchworm on my arm, it was as dainty as a piece of fishing line, but it moved. And it did not just move, it pranced wildly as inchworms do. They only have legs in the front and in the back, so this gait is a necessity even though it looks slightly too theatrical to be practical.

It strutted to the end of my arm and then stood out straight eagerly reaching toward a new surface, and then it fell. It produced a tiny silken string to ease the fall.

I was very pleased and impressed that it survived.

Inchworms are the larvae of moths of the family Geometridae. So this is just their awkward phase I suppose, although there is something quite sweet and endearing about them, it must be the walk.

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