Monday, July 17, 2006

A Marvelous Microcosm

In New York there are so many people who all have separate goals, destinations, styles, lifestyles and lives. But the great thing is that although they may appear as distinct organisms, fiercely ripping their way to get off the train and walk to their uniquely important places, they are not really separate at all.

New York is like a hill of dirt that is undulating with a carpet of curious and conscientious ants.

People form a sort of ecosystem of personalities. In a natural ecosystem there is a balance that is achieved on some level, between animal and plant species and their environment, the beauty of symbiosis emerges and the maintenance of the life of one depends on another and so on and so on.

Personalities cannot be categorized into large groups like species (although even species are not always as neatly defined as we would like them to be) so the interaction of personalities is not a clear and absolute one that can be analyzed in general trends I think (although a sociologist might challenge me). It can only be said that the health of the “forest” is in fragile harmony supported by the marvelous and mysterious acrobatics of each individual interaction.

How you act affects another human and how that person then acts towards a third, and so on and so on.

It makes you think that you have the ability to trigger concentric waves of emotions from each decision that you make to say something or act a certain way.

And thinking this makes you feel a little less insignificant.

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