Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sweet Replaceable You

When I spoke of leaving my last job, where I spent countless days on my knees untangling computer cords and restarting the router, I would say, “they are going to miss me when I am gone!” with haughty emphasis.

I would say this in my head and and out loud to some. Until someone pointed out that I was wrong. That they weren’t going to miss me and all the menial, detailed, cryptic tasks I performed would be happily done by the next schmuck that came along.

We may think we find a purpose for ourselves, but that does not mean that someone else cant fill the same niche when we are gone. And only a delusional fool would convince themselves otherwise.

Most work that is done does not allow for enough creativity that a person can serve a unique enough function to be recognized as indispensable.

Your taped up sincere photographs can be struggled off the walls and your favorite steady pen and perfectly sized coffee mug packed in a to-go bag.

The job can never be lucky to have you, you are always lucky to have the job. Something to keep another body busy, which just happens to be the stupendous, original and passionate You.

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  1. Alas, in most instances, you are correct. That is the way it is in the working world world of quiet desperation. However, sometimes there are people who miss the real you. Those are the ones who must be treasured.