Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Note

I had an epiphany two days ago. I was speaking to my Mother on the phone and we were discussing various people who we know and love and who are sick, very sick with all different sorts of mysterious and sad illnesses.

As we talked my mind drifted, as it sometimes does when I talk to my Mother-although I like to think of it as more of a coping mechanism than being rude, I thought of all the small beautiful moments that these people would not have the opportunity to enjoy in life.

The people who we were talking about are from completely different sides of our lives, they had no contact with one another but suddenly I really knew they were all warmed by the same sun.

I have learned a hard lesson since I have left my parents house, that the world can be an awesome and magnificent place. The hard part is that not everyone has the opportunity, perspective or health to enjoy it.

Which led me to a path and at the end of the path a house and in the mailbox of the house a letter addressed to me and in the letter a note that said ”You should try your best in science, even though it will be difficult because in some far off way your research might help someone harvest the sweetest tomatoes that they have ever grown"

And it all made sense, and it was the the most encouraging and inspiring conversation I have had with my Mother probably ever.

Now to figure out more specifically what that research is...

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