Saturday, July 1, 2006


I have found that when people have dietary limitations, whether self imposed or physiologically required, sometimes the conversation about it can be ever so slightly awkward.

Which is exactly why I had hoped I would not have to explain my aversion to fiddlehead ferns. Some people don't eat meat or can't digest dairy products. I dont eat fiddlehead ferns.

It is not because I cant, its because I wont.

They are so full of potential, just seeing them on a plate, decapitated fools of their former selves makes me sad.

So, I was in a botanical garden with family and someone pointed out a fern unfurling and we remarked at its beauty only to lead us down the grim path of talking about frying it up drizzled with oil.

I had to represent the ferns I knew and loved, so I had to say "I dont eat fiddlehead ferns." The statement hung out there like a dragonfly who hovers in one place for a moment and then speeds off. It was met with a puzzled look and a mocking pursed lip.

I never want a fern to die by my mouth, let it be known.

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  1. plants are alive too. noise is not the determinant factor of life's presence. i have been so thrilled to learn that in the last year or so, and i admire your life-long recognition of this.